«Spain is a responsible and supportive partner»

Army Colonel Emiliano Blanco, Defense delegate in Cantabria, admitted this Wednesday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine – the center of all military attention along with the Middle East conflict – has not only been “a shock for European security » but, in addition, «it has had a great impact on the defense policy of Spain», which, in any case, «has a clear desire to offer itself to the external sphere as a responsible and supportive partner». “We are,” he added, “a security provider with our own and defined model that is based on respect for the sovereignty and idiosyncrasies of other peoples.”

The colonel spoke this way during his speech at the commemoration of the Defense Delegation Day in Cantabria, an event with which this institution recognizes each year the work carried out by the Spanish Armed Forces and which, as is traditional, was attended by the main civil and military authorities of the region.

Among them were the president, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, the Government delegate, Ainoa Quiñones, and some mayors who, representing everyone, came to support a celebration that brought those present to their feet on two occasions, the first at the Spanish national anthem was played and the second was when the prayer call was proclaimed in memory of those who gave their lives for the country.

Between one moment and another, a third, equally emotional one, this one starring the student María García.

A student at the Torreánaz school, a Catholic educational center based in the town of Solares, María is the winner of the ‘Letter to a Spanish soldier’ ​​contest, a letter that she read before the authorities and with which she will represent the autonomous community in the national contest.

After that, the delegate himself personally delivered the rank promotion diplomas to five reservists as well as the decorations of the Royal and Military Order of San Hermenegildo awarded to Second Lieutenant Francisco José de la Calle and Captain Julio Vicente González.

And it was only on the stand that Colonel Blanco referred to “the permanent dedication and vocation for service of all those who make up the Armed Forces” and the importance they have in “guaranteeing citizen security” – especially in the current international context – highlighting the Spanish presence in a total of 17 foreign missions and highlighting the interest of young people in the profession, which, in the opinion of the Defense delegate, and according to his own data, “is growing.”

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