The Canarian “school” of Tigaray will surround the Santander Boleros Festival with its voice

Thirty years ago they were a group of friends who concluded their Thursday dinners singing boleros after dessert. This Saturday they will fill the Sala Argenta of the Festival Palace – there are still tickets but they are flying out of the box office – with a capacity of 1,600 seats. The Cantabrian Jueves de Boleros, “already a benchmark of this genre in Spain”, in the words of Mayor Gema Igual, returns to the stage at 7:30 p.m. to show the public different ways and styles of understanding and interpreting all those songs that have already been played. They are part of the city’s imagination. Also to excite followers of all ages – and in recent years they have been attracting a good number of young people – and to make known in Cantabria the music of the Canarian group Tigaray with which they will share the stage. The evening will also include the premiere of five new boleros. Mythical songs – one of them ‘How the years have passed’ – but that they had never performed before. They will also award a prize to José Luis Ocejo in recognition of his career.

This was announced yesterday, during the presentation of the festival, by two of its components: Fernando de Carlos and Jesús Castillo – who is also the president of the Jueves de Boleros Association – accompanied by Mayor Gema Igual and the General Director of Culture of the Government of Cantabria, Juan Antonio González Fuentes.

«When we started the festival, we never thought it would go this far. And yet here we continue, making our way and representing this region with Latin music,” said De Carlos, who believes that “a festival of these characteristics does not exist in the entire peninsula” due to its quality and dedication. Jesús Castillo wanted to remember some of the milestones achieved, such as that they have already sung 360 boleros and that they have published four albums, ‘Jueves de Boleros’ (2014), ‘Será lo que soñamos’ (2017), ‘P’adelante’ (2023 ) and ‘Tierruca’ (2023). He also announced that he plans to present the fifth next year.

The secret for this group of friends, currently 32 members who still meet to have dinner and have their “parrandas”, fills concert halls is that “we have always wanted to learn from the best”, according to De Carlos. Like Los Sabandeños, a group that has already been through this festival and that for them is a reference, or Jacaranda, Furriones and Gofiones, among other guests in previous editions. This year other Canarians will participate in the event: Tigaray, a group that stands out for its imprint for “creating a school” and that agrees with the Cantabrians in the maxim of “not stopping learning to improve.”

And another secret, this time pointed out by Gema Igual, “is that Jueves de Boleros is always willing to collaborate with the cultural activities of the city and when they are asked to bring the man in they do so without hesitation.”

Juan Antonio González Fuentes highlighted the “important work” that these types of groups carry out as disseminators of culture and announced that there will be a thirteenth and fourteenth edition of the festival. Finally, the mayor highlighted the group’s great ability to transmit through music its origins, which are found both in the city of Santander and throughout Cantabria.

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