They accuse the vice president of Castilla y León of making the gesture of fellatio to two socialist attorneys

The Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Cortes of Castilla y León has denounced the gesture of fellatio that the vice president of the Board, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), supposedly performed on two PSOE attorneys this Wednesday morning, during of the second session of the Plenary.

Carlos Pollán, president of the Cortes, requested a recess in the morning plenary session this Wednesday. And he urged, according to some of the prosecutors present, that everyone behave on their return. At that moment, the fight had already broken out over a gesture by Juan García-Gallardo (Vox) during the intervention of the socialist Diego Moreno. According to the PSOE bench, located right in front of the vice president of the Board, he made the gesture of fellatio three times directed at the parliamentarians Nuria Rubio and Patricia Gómez Urbán. According to García-Gallardo, it was a “whining” gesture because, in his opinion, the PSOE spends the day crying in the chamber. The two parties requested video images to support their versions, but so far they have not emerged.

Upon returning from the break, the anger did not reduce, but rather increased, as expected. Both García-Gallardo and Tudanca asked to intervene and Carlos Pollán got the debate out of hand. He called the Vox party to order twice and the socialist party twice. The vice president of the Board began with the speaking turn. «If I had to resort to article 76 in each plenary session to respond to inaccurate allusions about my conduct or myself, I would be doing it every day. “It is the second time in a year and a half which shows the constant patience I have had,” he began. “We have seen Mr. Igea (former Ciudadanos) throw papers at the Vox attorney in front of him, Pablo Fernández (Unidas Podemos) say all kinds of atrocities, and the PSOE making a fuss and not even knowing how to sit in the chair correctly” , he concluded, alluding to Ana Sánchez, vice president of the Cortes.

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Gallardo even asked “the president of the Cortes” of his party, Carlos Pollán, for “a reflection” on his use of calls to order. «I flatly deny what is attributed to me. What I have done is a gesture of crying, it is a gesture like that -and he put his fist to his eye and turned it repeatedly-, because they are crybabies and it is pathetic, ridiculous, shameful, that you want to cover up the great betrayal of the PSOE to this land to the rule of law with…” And up to here. From that point everything became unintelligible, with the socialist bench protesting, Francisco Igea standing up shouting “that’s enough!”, noise throughout the chamber and Pollán twice calling the vice president to order, who continued with his speech raising the voice, even if nothing was understood.

He passed the turn to Luis Tudanca, who began more serenely. «This article of the regulation speaks of attacks on the dignity of a parliamentary group and the dignity of this group, of women, of this parliament and of the people of Castile and Leon has been attacked once again, and we are forced to defend “that indignity against the PP and Vox,” he began. And from there he raised his tone to complain to García-Gallardo that “it would have been better if he stood up and asked for forgiveness, like so many times when he has lost respect” for the socialists. He spoke of “obsession” with attacking “women” and began to argue that “those who have stopped them and will stop them again, the fascists, Francoists and the PP, will be the women of this country.”

At that point Carlos Pollán decided that his shift was ending. “Mr. Tudanca, he does not have the floor.” Which left Luis Tudanca stunned. So much so that his response, because it was spontaneous, caused laughter in the PP. “Because you say so?” And he added: “The vice president has made an obscene gesture, you cannot allow these sexist gestures to occur in this parliament,” he insisted. And Pollán called him to order. Twice. And Tudanca continued speaking, and the PSOE bench stood up to applaud him, and his microphone was turned off. But Tudanca continued, his voice muffled without a microphone. “If you are capable of firing me for defending the dignity of women, you will be responsible, Mr. Pollán.”

And there was no third warning, so neither Tudanca nor Gallardo went out because of that. The vice president did leave the chamber shortly after. Tudanca stayed to discuss the move with the two parliamentarians who denounced the gesture, Rubio and Gómez Urbán, and then left.

The end of the absurdity came when Francisco Igea asked to intervene. Pollán asked him under which article, although the president of the Cortes himself had previously asked if anyone else wanted to intervene. “He asked you,” Igea reminded him. “Based on the article that allows us to call for compliance with the regulations, at 76.13,” he responded. And Carlos Pollán finished off with “let’s put an end to this, intervene quickly and we’ll finish.” Igea: “Very quickly.” Luis Tudanca, from the bench: “Do you have something more important to do, Mr. President?” Igea: “I am embarrassed by what is happening here and even more so by the applause of the PP.” End of the intervention. And Pollán, like Mateu Lahoz, indicated that the plenary session should continue without further ado. As Santamaría Uzqueda from Valladolid would say, “play, play.” And Tudanca, bristling: “Aren’t you planning to do anything?” And the answer, by default, was no.

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