Valderredible requests the opening of the Santa María de Hito site

The opening to visits of the late Roman site of the town of Santa María de Hito could materialize in this legislature. This week, the mayor of the municipality, the regionalist Fernando Fernández, asked the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Eva Guillermina Fernández, to launch an interpretation center to disseminate the archaeological findings of that town throughout the different campaigns. research. In this regard, the counselor was receptive to the possibility of opening it to the public.

In his meeting with the head of Culture, the councilor conveyed the details of a phased study that could culminate in the launch of an interpretation center for the ruins, whose “uniqueness and heritage richness”, in the words of Fernando Fernández , represent a potential tourist attraction for Valderredible. For this reason, the Ministry will evaluate its opening to the public after, in 2018, the work of researchers in the field restarted.

The archaeological site of Santa María de Hito is of Roman and medieval chronology (from the 3rd century to the Middle Ages). It serves as a reference to study the transition from Antiquity to the Middle Ages in Cantabria, which makes it a place of high interest for researchers. It was found more than 40 years ago, in 1978, by chance, during some work on the road that connects the town with Villaverde. After seven excavation campaigns, it was buried again until it was reopened to restart investigations five years ago.

Now, the intention of the Government and the City Council is to create a tourist center made up of the site itself, the collegiate church of Santa María de Elines and the rock hermitage of Arroyuelos, which are located within a three-kilometer radius. This enclave could benefit from its proximity to Orbaneja del Castillo (Burgos), located about ten kilometers away.

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