Castro Urdiales translates public documents into plain language

The Castro Urdiales City Council has prepared and published the first adaptation of public documents and procedures to a reading that is easy to understand for all audiences. It has done so through the Department of Social Services and the social worker, Macarena Burgos, who is also the founder of the Castro association Lectura Fácil Cantabria.

In this way, it complies with what is guaranteed by the Cognitive Accessibility Law, approved in March of last year, and which obliges administrations to write public information in a way that is accessible to all people, regardless of reading level, knowledge of the language, age or functional diversity they may have. However, and surprisingly, although it regulates the right to understanding, the norm itself was not adapted to Easy Reading until now.

Currently, the department headed by Castro councilor Leticia Mejías is identifying and adapting the most requested documents that people have to deal with on a daily basis (minimum vital income, application for social emergency aid…), with the objective of guaranteeing “greater agility and autonomy for people, since in order to exercise rights one must be able to understand it,” they emphasize.

Mejías also wanted to highlight “the professional capacity and personal commitment” of the workers in his department. “It is fortunate to find professionals with a vocation, and committed to making this world a fairer place for everyone,” he said.

The City Council itself has already published for general knowledge the adaptation to accessible language of the law itself that guarantees it and which is provided at this link:

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