Charges return to Ferraz after amnesty deal reignites protests

The announcement of the pact between the PSOE and Junts to amnesty all causes of the process in exchange for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez caused this Thursday night the general reactivation of street protests in various parts of Spain, particularly in Madrid. In front of the socialists’ headquarters on Ferraz Street, in the end, the violent and neo-Nazis took control of the demonstration, until then peaceful although more tense than other days, causing incidents and unleashing charges from the riot police.

Until then, the demonstrations and concentrations in the capital of Spain, the largest since the beginning of the mobilizations a week ago with close to 8,000 according to the calculations of the Government Delegation, had collapsed a good part of the heart of the city with cuts in some of them. the main arteries.

Ferraz Street in Madrid, once again, had become the center of the rejection of the amnesty. At first, most of the attendees tried to nip the ultras’ attempts to take control of the demonstration in the bud: they shouted down an attempt to sing ‘Face to the Sun’, they scolded those who threw objects at the line of police and They threw pre-constitutional flags out of the rally shouting “that’s not our flag.”

But as the hours progressed, the moderates left and the presence of neo-Nazis and members of ultra groups, many of them masked, began to change the tone of the demonstration at 9 p.m. with more and more shouts like those of “Christian and non-Muslim Spain” and “the Constitution destroys the nation” and with some national flag with the amputated constitutional shield. Also fascist greetings. These ultra slogans, symbols and attitudes were already heard and seen on Tuesday when the rally was colonized by neo-Nazis and ended in serious incidents.

And in the end, the script ended up repeating itself. After an hour of throwing flares, firecrackers and blunt objects at the police, the ultras managed to unleash the charges of the riot police shortly before 10:40 p.m.

Vox, although it was not the organizer of these protests, was its main promoter with insistent calls in the last hours through social networks to join the mobilizations, always peacefully. “Leave what you are doing and go out into the street! Permanent mobilization against Sánchez’s coup!” cried Santiago Abascal’s party in X, which shortly before the start of the protest joined the mobilization. “I come as another Spaniard in the face of the greatest attack on the unity of Spain in the entire democratic period,” said the leader of Vox, who left the area around Ferraz when the demonstration was still going on without incident.

The PP disengages

One more day the PP dissociated itself from these protests in front of socialist headquarters not communicated to the Government delegations and in which the ‘popular’ apparatus does not have the capacity to prevent the entry of radicals. The popular ones continue to bet on their rallies next Sunday at noon in all the provincial capitals.

Concentrations in Madrid.


Main image - Concentrations in Madrid.

Secondary image 1 - Concentrations in Madrid.

Secondary image 2 - Concentrations in Madrid.

“Pedro Sánchez to prison” and “PSOE, neither socialist nor Spanish”, “Sánchez, son of a bitch” or “Spain is one and not 51” are heard loudly in the vicinity of Ferraz’s headquarters, where they are also has heard the controversial “go for them” that bothers so much in the independenceist imagination.

350 police officers

The Police had deployed 350 agents from the Police Intervention Units (UIP, anti-riot) in the capital of Spain to protect sensitive points in the city, from Ferraz to the Congress of Deputies, passing through other buildings that have been indicated in the networks by radicals.

The first protest of the day, which was peaceful, took place at 7 p.m. in front of the headquarters of the European institutions in Madrid, on Paseo de la Castellana, where Revuelta, the youth supporters of Vox, have called an event to close of 1,500 people (according to the Government Delegation) to ask the EU to “stop the amnesty.” The participants in the protest in front of the community institutions were the ones who blocked the Castellana axis on the way to Ferraz before the demonstration that ended in riots in front of the PSOE headquarters.

Apart from Madrid, there were demonstrations and protests in other capitals. In Barcelona, ​​behind the banner “Spain is not selling itself, it is defending itself,” photographs of Sánchez were burned in front of the Government Delegation in the presence of Vox leaders such as Ignasi Garriga, Jorge Buxadé and Hermann Tertsch. The protests spread to Valencia, in front of the PSPV headquarters; to Granada, with about 2,500 people in the city center, Seville, Murcia, Cáceres, Burgos or Logroño, among others.

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