José Luis Nieto performs ‘Pasión de Falla’ at the European University of the Atlantic

The pianist José Luis Nieto already has dates closed for next year in Brazil, Uruguay or California. Placing him in front of a map is like tracing routes through countless countries, but today, his constant flight will make him stop in Santander.

Within the program that celebrates a round number, the tenth anniversary of the European University of the Atlantic, the interpreter will be today in the Assembly Hall of the academic entity, to perform the ‘Passion of Falla’.

Thus, ‘The Three-cornered Hat’, ‘El amor brujo’ and ‘Fantasía bética’ will be played thanks to the virtuosity of the musician who also works as a teacher with numerous master classes around the world and a writer, with two published books that are added to the seven albums he has recorded to date and in which he performs Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Chopin, Mozart and Haydn.

Russia has an important role in its trajectory. After graduating from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, Nieto moved to Moscow where he graduated again at the Tchaikowsky Conservatory under the tutelage of a universal piano myth, Mikhail Voskressensky, and also where he later obtained a doctorate in piano under the direction of the renowned and famous Victor Merzhanov. Two steps that serve as endorsement for the Spanish performer to undertake intense concert activity at an international level, revealing himself as one of the most outstanding Spanish pianists of the new generation. In fact, he appears as the first Spanish pianist to perform in the most significant musical institutions in Russia, such as the Tyumen Philharmonic, the Tobolsk Philharmonic, the Kaliningrad Philharmonic, the Sheremetevo Palace in Sans Peresburg, the Svetlanovsky Zal of the Music House in Moscow, the Rachmaninov Hall or Maly Zal of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, etc. He is also invited to the International Piano Forum Festival in Donetsk (Ukraine).

The Spanish pianist explains that he feels very identified with national music. It is for this reason that you can find pieces by composers like Falla that he will perform today in Santander, but also by Turina or Albéniz in his repertoire. An example of this is the tours that he has made through Latin America where he unveiled the ‘Suite Iberia’, by Isaac Albéniz, considered the most important work of Spanish piano literature.

In early 2018, José Luis Nieto was appointed Academician of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain.

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