Sánchez plans to be sworn in as president next Thursday

There is no official confirmation yet, and it is expected not to arrive until next Monday. But everything indicates that the president of Congress, Francina Armengol, will set Pedro Sánchez’s investiture session for November 15 and 16, with which the socialist leader would be elected president of the Government, with an absolute majority, next Thursday.

Once the agreement between the PSOE and Junts has been reached and signed, and in the absence of a yes from the PNV, Sánchez now has free rein to present his government program before the Lower House. Since Felipe VI proposed a candidate on October 3, after the second round of contacts with the parliamentary groups that came out of the polls on July 23, after the failed investiture session of the popular Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the current president in functions had the complicity of Armengol, who postponed setting an investiture date until the socialist leader gathered the necessary support to be elected president.

The first obstacle, the agreement with Sumar, was overcome on October 24; Then came the one from ERC and this Thursday, after a week of tug-of-war, the one from Junts. With the yes from Bildu, without conditions, from the beginning and the consent of the Canary Islands Coalition and BNG, the PSOE is preparing to close the agreement with the PNV and thus obtain the 178 that will allow it to continue in Moncloa for another term.

Given the complex arithmetic left by the general elections, Sánchez will be elected president with an absolute majority. His initial wish, to attend the congress of European Socialists this weekend, already re-elected, will not be fulfilled. If the planned script is fulfilled, on Thursday, October 16, after the vote in Congress, President Francina Armengol will go to Zarzuela to communicate the result to the King, before whom Pedro Sánchez will swear or promise his position the next day.

It will be then that he will have free rein to put together his cabinet, which is understood to be negotiated in the coming days with Yolanda Díaz, to see which portfolios Sumar will keep. Sánchez has the power to announce his ministers immediately or to take a few days.

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