Vox: “This Government goes from being illegitimate to illegal”

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has charged against the pact between PSOE and Junts reached this Thursday and warns that “the coup against the Nation, Democracy has been launched and a black period has begun in the History of Spain.” .

In a press conference at Bambú 12, the politician from the far-right formation assured that the “coup plotters of the PSOE and Junts have today sealed their threat to national unity and the law with a coup agreement to abolish the principle of the State of Right”.

Thus, it has expressed its support for all peaceful but firm civil protests and appeals to continue with the mobilizations. “Today we begin a civil resistance that will be long,” he said, accusing Sánchez of being an “autocrat” who does not conform and “wants to be a dictator.” And he has assured that the dialogue with the PP is taking place at the regional level where they have seen their “partners” inclined to call for this type of mobilization.

When asked by journalists about whether his party is going to recognize the legitimacy of the Government in the event that Sánchez’s legislature goes ahead, the Vox leader assured that “this Government goes from being illegitimate to illegal, no matter what they tell us.” and they describe it however they classify it” because the Executive is going to put on the table an amnesty law that does not fit in the Constitution.

Regarding the Vidal-Quadras shooting, Abascal has assured that it is “too early” to make conjectures and raise hypotheses but he does not rule out anything. “It looks like an attack,” he said.

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