«Books are my greatest source of happiness and learning»

“I like books that have a story, but that are told in a way that makes you see the world in a different way and think about a lot of things.” Books, with their perfect combination of entertainment and learning, are the great passion of Enrique Polo de Lara, the general director of Salesforce Spain, one of the companies that forms Líderes con Purpose, the community of companies led by Vocento that are governed from the corporate purpose.

Curious by nature, as he defines himself, Polo De Lara is a voracious reader. And he recognizes that even though he is in the biggest professional mess imaginable, he does not forgive ending the day with at least twenty minutes of good reading.

Curious personally and also professionally, the general director of Salesforce Spain assures that because of his way of managing teams, he always gives space and asks for proposals because he believes that this makes the teams and people grow.

“Work is essential, but it is not the most important thing in life,” he says. And he believes that it can also be fun, “without ceasing to be work.”

Affable, calm and thoughtful, Enrique Polo De Lara also tells us what his maxim is when it comes to working: “For me, the person always comes before the position.”

And returning to his greatest hobby, he lists the five books that he would upload to the cloud so that future generations would read them and help them, like him, to learn and have fun. To be leaders with purpose.

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