“There have been three setbacks, but we must not lose our sanity”

Yesterday, the one who had to stop by the press room at the Nando Yosu Facilities in La Albericia after morning training went to Andrés Martín. The green and white winger downplayed the poor dynamics that Racing is experiencing after the two league defeats and the elimination in the Copa del Rey. «The line to follow must be the same as weeks ago, because the team is working very well. Yes, there have been three setbacks, but we must not lose our sanity,” said the Andalusian attacker, who appeals to “work day by day as we are doing.” In fact, he highlights the strength of the green and white dressing room: “We have a magnificent group and that is the important thing.”

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He recognized the “bad dynamic.” And he sees tomorrow’s match against Valladolid as an ideal moment to break the negative streak. «We have to change it now. At home, with our people. We have players with a lot of quality up front and we have to take advantage of it,” he stated.

As a recipe, the block. «The team, when it scores, we all score, and when we defend, we all have to defend. That’s the basis,” he said. That is, “we have to be focused for the ninety minutes or however long the game lasts so that there are no mistakes.” Indeed, that is key, given what we have seen in the last three games.

Andrés Martín relativized the bad moment: «The team has done well. We are with 21 points, three from the play off and eight from relegation…” And furthermore, he stated that they have “a lot of room for improvement.” That’s what’s important. We are a young group, with a lot of capacity and we must improve as we are doing. “You have to be happy,” he added.

The Sevillian also had good words for the fans. «When we travel, it also feels like we are at home. People are always with us. I don’t think we are in a bad moment as a team, but the fans always make us feel very loved. “You can’t blame them for anything.”

Finally, in front of the Pucelano team, he predicted “a nice match for the spectator. We have quality people and so do they,” concluded the racing attacker.

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