A banker posing as a guard, Colombian cooks and a cocaine laboratory in Boadilla

A joint operation carried out by agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard and with its epicenter in the town of Boadilla del Monte served to uncover an international criminal organization that received cocaine and that had several cooks who arrived from Colombia to Spain to prepare packages for sale. In fact, a ton of precursors were intervened for this purpose. Eight people were arrested, among them a professional banker who posed as a Civil Guard agent, which allowed him to withdraw the consignments of chemical products acquired by the organization.

This is one more example of how Spain has become a country where drugs are processed, as Narcodiario revealed through the #NarcoFiles, the great investigation that was made public this week in media around the world in coordination with the OCCRP consortium of journalists. The most high-profile case among those known, the Cerdedo-Cotobade laboratory, in Pontevedra.

Chemicals intervened / Ministry of Interior

It was precisely the large-scale purchases of possible precursors that They put Civil Guard investigators on alert about the probable existence of a cocaine laboratory already at the end of 2021. The banker who impersonated the agents went to collect the chemicals by showing a police card, which allowed him to collect them. The police were also on his trail.

Cocaine seized / Ministry of Interior

In parallel, one of the citizens of Colombian origin was in charge of receiving the substance narcotic from his country, with the support of a business network that imported coffee or fresh flowers, which served as a cover and concealment.

The false guard receiving the chemicals / Ministry of Interior

With all these indications, the agents They arrested seven people between 20 and 55 years old and they carried out three searches in Alcorcón, Madrid and Boadilla. In a warehouse in the latter town, the laboratory was found with a ton of precursors. Ten kilos of high purity cocaine and cash were also seized.

The laboratory / Ministry of Interior

The entrance A banker posing as a guard, Colombian cooks and a cocaine laboratory in Boadilla was first published in Narcodiary.

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