Brutal combined offensive against drug trafficking in 15 provinces of Türkiye

Within the framework of the operations called Narco Power carried out in 15 provinces of Turkey, the country’s authorities have made 199 arrests of “poison traffickers and their traveling subcontractors”, as defined by the country’s Minister of the Interior, Ali Yerlikaya. . The large police deployment took place in parallel to the arrest of the great boss Dritan Rexhepi, who was arrested in Istanbul under the Interpol red notice, which places him at the top of one of the largest drug trafficking organizations in the world.

In total, they were seized about 58 kg of cocaine, a laboratory for the production of the packages was located and 4.5 tons of other substances were seized, most of them high psychoactive marijuana, in addition to 64,800 pills of substances of synthetic origin. This is a major offensive by Turkey against drug traffickers operating throughout the country.

Drugs seized / Ministry of Interior

In the investigations carried out by the Diyarbakir Provincial Gendarmerie Command, 3 tons 500 kg of marijuana and 504 thousand hemp roots were seized. Eleven alleged traffickers were arrested. In that same area but under the supervision of the Anti-Narcotics Police, three other people were arrested and About 260 kilos of marijuana were seized.

In Istanbul, in two different interventions, 44.5 kilos of cocaine were found2.5 kilos of methamphetamine and 250 kilos of marijuana, with seven people arrested, and one kilo of cocaine, ten liters of liquid methamphetamine, marijuana and synthetic drugs in the possession of an eighth person, also arrested.

Uncovered plantation / Ministry of Interior

In the operation carried out by the Edirne Provincial Gendarmerie Command, for its part, 10 kg of cocaine were seized and two people were arrested, while the Izmir Provincial Gendarmerie Command 2.5 kg of cocaine, 3 kg of marijuana and 25,800 pills were seized of narcotics. 8 alleged traffickers were captured.

In the raid carried out by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command of Sinop, more focused on the retail of substances, various quantities of narcotic pills and methamphetamine were seized and 34 alleged traffickers and their subcontractors were captured. In the operation carried out by the Aydın Provincial Gendarmerie Command, also focused on the final sale, they seized various quantities of drugs and 44 alleged traffickers and its subcontractors were captured.

A press for drugs / Ministry of Interior

En la provincia de Kırklareli, por su parte, Various quantities of methamphetamine were seized and seven alleged traffickers were arrestedwhile in Gaziantep various quantities of methamphetamine and narcotic pills were seized and 16 alleged traffickers were captured.

In a second intervention carried out by the Anti-Narcotics Crime Directorate of the Gaziantep Provincial Police Department 103 kg of methamphetamine were seized and one person was arrested.

In Kahramanmaraş province, on the other hand, various quantities of methamphetamine, heroin and narcotic pills were seized, with 54 suspected small-scale sellers arrested, while in Denizli seized 21 kilos of marijuana.

The search for a dog Ministry of Interior

In the operation carried out by the Osmaniye Provincial Gendarmerie Command, various quantities of cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids were found in the possession of an individual, while in two separate operations carried out by the Sanliurfa Provincial Police Department, Anti-narcotics crimes, Another 192 kilos of marijuana with great psychoactive power were seized.

Finding in a truck Ministry of Interior

In Erzurum, a man was arrested with half a kilo of cannabis, while in Bursa, 39,000 narcotic pills were seized in the hands of three people. In Bolu, finally, they were intervened 13 more kilos of cannabis and three people were arrested. “I congratulate our Heroic Gendarmerie and Police who carried out the operations. The support and prayers of our nation are with you,” the minister concluded.

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