Llanos says goodbye to one of the last town shopkeepers

Saturday, November 11, 2023, 01:00

Ulises García Sr., better known as ‘Currín, from Llanos’, has died. It seems that fate and the passing of the years cause us to lose authentic legends of the daily life of our people. In this case the shopkeepers, hardworking men and women and in whose businesses the life of our towns lay. In these stores flower contests were held, letters were left for isolated houses, Chiquilín cookies or bacaladas were bought and recorded in the notebook for the month. These bars were the only ones that had telephones, the public, and that is why they were points of news and messages, good and bad, from births to deaths.

Curro combined his work life in the store with a small feed business in Llanos. And he even had time to collaborate with BBV to collect home letters and other procedures. Ulysses’ youth was not easy, like it was for most men and women of his generation. He had to clear many mountains to return them to meadows to bring home a small salary.

Currín’s life is not understood without his complement, Curra. La Curra had a way with people and danced the grocery store. In my childhood, when I lived in Llanos, I was wishing that my grandmother or Paulina would send me with the bag to go for the daily shopping at Curra. It was just entering through his door and he would greet you with the best of smiles, which often ended in laughter. We remember Currín always active, from six in the morning, sweeping, cleaning shelves,… so that when Curra opened everything would be ready.

Neither this couple nor anyone else was prepared for the blow that their lives dealt with the loss of their son Ulysses. A few weeks ago, Currín, already in very fragile health, assured me that the only thing that kept him going was his desire to help his grandchildren and that the memories of him made his life unbearable.

Obituary written by:

Carlos Lavín is mayor of Penagos

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