Sánchez ignores the amnesty in the defense of his pacts before the European socialists

The PSOE spent years trying to combat before its European co-religionists the discourse of the Catalan independence movement that presented Spain as a repressive State and politicians like Carles Puigdemont as victims of its arbitrariness. Today Pedro Sánchez boasted to his colleagues from the Party of European Socialists (PES), gathered in Malaga, that he was about to become President of the Government again. He will do so with the votes of the Catalan secessionists and thanks to an amnesty for those accused of the ‘procés’ that until July 23 he considered unconstitutional, but which he avoided mentioning.

The head of the Executive, however, presented his future Government as a triumph against the extreme right. And, when information about the protests against the impunity measure also reached the international media, he referred to the PP as a party “parasitized” by Vox that cries out against its decisions because it has not accepted its electoral defeat.

«I would like to address that right today, to the PP to ask them for sanity and restraint and to tell them that what they must do is accept the result of the polls, the legitimacy of the Government that we are going to form soon in Spain; “That they have the necessary courage to say no to the bear hug of the extreme right and that they abandon the reactionary path along which today – he even claimed – they are moving towards the abyss.”

Sánchez also brandished the foreseeable support of 179 deputies in a Chamber of 350 for the investiture to which, even without an official date, he intends to submit in the middle of this week – PSOE, Sumar, Junts, ERC, Bildu, PNV, BNG and CC- as a sample of his ability to agree with different people in a Spain that, he argued, “can only be governed if political pluralism and its territorial diversity are recognized.”

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