The bodies of two adults and a child were found in a burned-out house in Murcia

A man, a woman and a child were found dead this Saturday inside a burned home in the Murcia town of Ceutí. A neighbor called the 092 Room reporting that he had observed that the blinds of a low house were melted, as if it had been burned. This man looked out the window and saw that the dining room was completely burned.

After 2:30 p.m., Local Police officers on duty went to the house, located at number 13 Magdalena Street, and confirmed that the damage to the blinds had been caused by the fire. However, the agents verified that the flames had not reached the outside of the house.

It was then that they alerted the 112 Emergency Coordination Center to request the intervention of members of the Fire Extinction and Rescue Consortium of the Region of Murcia (CEIS). Upon arriving and entering the house, the firefighters found in one of the rooms the lifeless bodies of the three people, a couple aged 43 and 42 and a six-year-old child.

Several grieving neighbors wait at the doors of the damaged home.

Several grieving neighbors wait at the doors of the damaged home.


Likewise, the agents realized that the entire area was already cold, as well as the bodies of the victims, so they suspect that the fire could have occurred many hours before. Sources close to the investigation told La Verdad that the child did not attend class on Friday morning, so it is not ruled out that the fire could have occurred during the early hours of that day or even before.

Three days of mourning

The Ceutí City Council has decreed three days of official mourning. «The loss of three of our neighbors has left the entire municipality shocked. The team of psychologists from our town hall has been made available to the family and the minor’s educational center,” explained the mayor, Sonia Almela, who regretted the tragedy and sent her condolences to family and friends.

The first hypotheses suggest that the flames could have started after a short circuit in some household appliance, producing a slow combustion that would have ended the lives of this couple and their son.

After the bodies were found, the judicial authorities were notified to proceed with the removal of the bodies and their transfer to the Institute of Legal Medicine of Murcia. The investigations being carried out by the Benemérita Judicial Police remain open.

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