The Cathedral is impregnable to the orange fury

Saturday, November 11, 2023, 9:36 p.m.

Scratching a point in Pamplona remains a pending task for Bathco Torrelavega who fell (32-29) against Helvetia Anaitasuna in a pavilion that is cursed territory for the oranges since, for the moment, their visits to La Catedral are counted as defeats .


Bar, Itoiz, Rancäns, Bonanno, Brown, Elustondo (6), Albizu (5), Redondo (2), Gonzalez (3), Goñi (2), Aitor (4), Ganuzo (2), Edu (5), Martinovic (2), Bazan (1) and Gaston.




Carlos Street, Mile Mijuskovic, Czaplinski (3), Oswald Maestro (1), Casanova, Jurkovic (1), Cangiani (9), Aja (3), Paredes, Isi Martinez (1), Borja Lombilla, Dani Ramos and Javi Munoz (1), Alex Rubino (2), Moreno (7) and Adrian Fernandez (1).

  • Partials:
    2-2, 3-5, 7-6, 8-7, 10-11, 12-13 –rest– 17-15, 20-18, 22-20, 24-24, 28-25 and 32-29.

  • Referee:
    Miquel Florenza Virgili and Jordi Ausás Busquets.

Despite the outcome, the match in Pamplona did not start badly for Álex Mozas’s team. Alonso Moreno, very effective on Juan Manuel Bar’s goal during the opening stages, led the orange attack (3-5) until the Navarrese, who were trying to move the ball quickly, straightened their start and did not take long to recover the difference and equalize the electronic one. Before reaching the midpoint of the first half, Helvetia Anaitasuna took a minimal lead (7-6) although the alternating dominance led to Bathco coming back and taking the initiative again. The equality was maximum and the moments of orange control were followed by stretches of green and white authority (9-9) that lasted until the half-time horn sounded with the balance tilted in favor of the Torrelaveguenses thanks to Cangiani’s goal that broke the existing parity (12-13).

Helvetia Anaitasuna’s overwhelming start after passing through the locker room led to turning the score around (16-14) and forced Álex Mozas to call a time-out to put a band-aid on the injury he just suffered. The green and white team began to distance themselves with a quarter of an hour left in La Catedral. The oranges clung to their indomitable character (23-23), but Quique Domínguez’s men gave them no chance of victory (32-29).

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