The first prize of the National Lottery leaves 600,000 euros at the Carrefour in Peñacastillo

Abel Summer

Saturday, November 11, 2023, 6:11 p.m.

«We are very happy. The shame is that it wasn’t more. “If we had had more tenths we would have sold them.” This is how one of the employees of the Administration of Lotteries No. 25 of Santander (el Empalme), located in the Carrefour shopping center in Peñacastillo, reacted after learning that they had sold ten tenths of the first prize of the National Lottery draw held this Saturday, November 11, and endowed with 600,000 euros to the number, 77,401.

This lottery company, with almost twenty years of profession behind it, could not hide its joy after distributing those 600,000 euros, “because the tenths have been sold to several people.”

After remembering that the largest prize that has fallen during his administration was the six million euros for a Primitiva in 2002, he hoped that this distribution of money would be maintained for the upcoming Christmas and El Niño draws. «We are selling somewhat better than last year. “There is more motivation.”

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