Semi-submersible loaded with cocaine in the Colombian Pacific ends up sinking in the sea!

The Colombian Navy, during the development of comprehensive maritime control and security operations, intercepted a semi-submersible device type LPV (Low Profile Vessel, for its acronym in English), when it was sailing through the waters of the Colombian South Pacific, transporting 1,885 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.

The artifact, which apparently intended to take the cargo to Central Americawas located by Coast Guard Units, who carried out an inspection inside it, finding 94 packages of different shapes and sizes, with rectangular packages containing alleged illicit substances.

The three subjects who crewed the semisubmersible, one Colombian and two of Ecuadorian nationality, were safely taken along with the material to a Colombian Navy ship, which later transported them to the district of Tumaco-Nariño. Likewise, due to the difficult weather conditions at the site, the device suffered damage, which caused it to sink.

The intervened drug / Armada

Once in port, the authorities carried out the Approved Preliminary Identification Test on the substance contained in the packages, testing positive for 1,885 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride. The subjects, aged 26, 37 and 63, were placed at the disposal of the authorities. competent to begin the judicial process.

Drug detail / Armada

With this blow to drug trafficking, the Colombian Navy prevented them from entering more than 63 million dollars to the logistical and financial structures of transnational crime organizations. Likewise, it prevented the marketing and distribution of more than 4.7 million doses of cocaine in the international illegal market.

The artifact / Armada

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