Daniel Sancho pleads not guilty to premeditated murder

After its postponement on October 26, the hearing took place this Monday in which Daniel Sancho, accused of the murder of the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta, had to face the charges raised by the Thai Prosecutor’s Office. The son of actor Rodolfo Sancho has pleaded not guilty to premeditated murder and making the victim’s passport disappear. However, he has admitted to dismembering and hiding the body.

Premeditated murder is punishable by the death penalty in the Asian country, so all the defense efforts are focusing on reducing these charges. During the pre-trial hearing, Sancho assured that Edwin Arrieta’s death was due to an accident. He thus begins a procedure that will culminate in the trial, which is expected to be held between February and April of next year.

The Spanish cook has been in provisional prison since last August 7, when he confessed to being the author of the death of the Colombian doctor on the island of Phangan. This Monday’s statement confirms what he said during those first days of the investigation, in which he explained that he was “Edwin’s hostage.” “He had me in a glass cage, he made me break up with my girlfriend, destroy the relationship, and I felt desperate,” he said in the summer. In this sense, he also revealed that the son of the Spanish actor could be the victim of blackmail by the surgeon, who had threatened to publish some compromising images of a sexual nature.

The Samui Prosecutor’s Office maintains in its report that “Daniel Sancho intentionally killed Edwin Arrieta with premeditation and buried, hid, moved and destroyed the body.” A statement that is based on images from a supermarket in which the accused is seen purchasing a series of supplies, including a saw and garbage bags, before Arrieta’s disappearance. However, the documentation presented by the legal criminological firm Balfagón y Chippirrás indicates that the knife, saw and garbage bags were acquired for use in his work as a cook.

For the first time since the investigation began last August, Sancho has been assisted by an interpreter who has translated the conversation from Thai to Spanish and vice versa. It was precisely the requirement for in-person translation that caused this hearing to be moved from October 26 to November 13.

His father, Rodolfo Sancho, has also been at his side, who, from the beginning, has set to work to provide his son with the best possible defense. He drew attention to his visibly calm and even smiling attitude after listening to his son’s statement, although he remained silent before the numerous media outlets that were awaiting his first words upon leaving the judicial premises. .

The protagonist of ‘The Ministry of Time’ traveled for the first time to visit his son in September, after finalizing the defense team made up of “a national and international legal team” with the well-known lawyer Marcos García Montes at the helm.

For its part, the legal representation of the family of Edwin Arrieta, who was involved in the procedure, has supported the Prosecutor’s accusation, as explained last Friday at a press conference from the headquarters of Ospina Abogados. «Edwin’s family says that life, for them, is given and taken by God. They are not friends of capital punishment and it is not what they are looking for. What they are looking for is for the full weight of the law to fall with respect to Thai regulations. It is not their will, but if it happens, they would respect it,” they explained.

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