Medal, Crossed, Altarage, Menta and Malamute on the Infest VIII poster

A. The Infest, “always an elegant festival,” will reach its eighth edition this week. Which, according to its organizers, presents the “most ambitious poster to date.” Seven bands on two days (Friday and Saturday) and two venues (New and Niagara) will take over the activity with independent music as their banner.

Thus, from avant-garde extreme metal to the brightest pop they will sound with Altarage, Wayne, Crossed, J.Chip, Medalla, Menta and Malamute. There is also the circumstance that several of the participating bands will present their songs live for the first time within the framework of the Cantabrian festival.

On Friday at the Rock Beer the New room, the session will be dedicated to the darkest and most extreme sounds, with post-metal, experimental electronic, crust and death metal bands. One of the main attractions of the festival are the Bilbao-based Altarage. The mysterious Basque trio has released their work on top labels such as Season of Mist or Doomentia Records and participated in festivals such as Resurrection Fest, Netherlands Deathfest or Brutal Assault. His public appearances are very few and with a very powerful staging. In addition, it will be a special concert because they have chosen Infest VIII to play the songs from their latest LP ‘Worst Case Scenario’ live for the first time.

Within the new wave of crust and hardcore, one of the groups that stands out the most are the Madrid-based Crossed. His latest work, ‘Morir’, is loud and emotional in equal parts. They play with post-hardcore environments that alternate with painful ones.

Friday night will be finished off by Wayne and J. Chip. The former, halfway between Cantabria, the Basque Country and La Rioja, practice a post-metal close to the sounds of The Ocean, Isis or Cult of Luna. They measure their live appearances a lot and at Infest VIII they will show some progress of what will be their third full-length.

J. Chip, for his part, will be in charge of opening this eighth edition with an experimental electronic music show only suitable for the most curious ears.

Pop, rock e indie

On Saturday it will be held at the Niagara Room and will focus on pop, rock and indie. Local representation, if it can be called that, will come from Malamute. Although they have Cantabrian roots, they carry out their activity in Madrid and since they released their first album ‘Una Gran Decepción’, everything has been joy for them. They have participated in festivals such as the Low Festival or the Contemporánea, they have collaborated with Los Punsetes and even La Oreja de Van Gogh share their songs and they have just announced several dates sharing the stage with the band Mujeres.

After Malamute’s performance, the Catalans Medalla will take to the Cantabrian stage for the first time. His performance at the festival is already a debt to pay. After confirming his presence in 2020, the pandemic cut everything short and the time has come to materialize this very special moment. His songs are anthems to sing with your fist raised. Sometimes pop, sometimes rock and sometimes heavy, they already have four albums behind them and Infest VIII is going to be one of the first opportunities to listen to their recently released album ‘Duelo’ live.

Menta are one of the phenomena of the moment and their performance in Santander is going to be a unique opportunity to see them in a small room. They were born in Madrid, during the pandemic, and with only one LP, ‘Un Momento Extraño’, they have generated a fan base from which not even Pedro Sánchez can escape. They have participated in festivals such as BBK, Cruïlla or Tomavistas. Their direct lyrics and melodies will make those who don’t know them leave the Niagara Room with a new favorite group.

The price of advance admission for the first day is 12 euros plus management fees and at the box office it will be 15 euros. Advance tickets for the second day will cost 18 euros plus distribution costs, and 20 euros at the box office. Both days doors will open at 8:30 p.m. and the concerts will begin at 9:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on the Entradium platform.

The organizers, Roberto Silva and Fran Martínez, continue with the same intention as at the beginning of the festival, eight editions ago: to bring to Cantabria, in a self-managed way, the most interesting groups on the scene, including a variety of styles ranging from avant-garde extreme metal to the brightest pop.

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