Melillero denies that he wanted to kill his ex-girlfriend with acid: “I just wanted to scare her”

«I didn’t want to kill her or anything like that; she just wanted to give him a scare. This was stated this Monday by ‘El Melillero’, in the trial that began this morning in the Eighth Section of the Provincial Court of Malaga for the sulfuric acid attack on his ex-girlfriend and her friend that occurred in the Malaga municipality of Cártama. on January 12, 2021. The two victims had to be rushed to a hospital to save their lives and suffered very severe injuries.

According to the main defendant, who shares the case with five other defendants, his intention was “solely” to scare his ex-girlfriend by pouring “etching” on her car. And all because, as he has said, she did not agree to talk to him after the breakup. To this end, according to his version, he asked another investigator nicknamed ‘Poty’ to purchase said substance, but he was unaware that, in reality, what he had purchased was sulfuric acid, as well as the effects it could cause. .

In this sense, ‘El Melillero’ has assured that when the attack occurred, around 2:00 p.m. that day, he was sitting in the driver’s seat and that it was ‘Poty’, who was co-pilot in the same vehicle. , the person who threw the substance into the car in which the two victims were. “I was driving, I didn’t pay attention to whether (the injured parties) had their window down or not,” he stated in this regard. After the attack, he indicated, he “immediately” left the place.

“I didn’t threaten her”

The defendant, who has only agreed to answer the questions of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and his lawyer, Marcos García-Montes, has emphasized that he “never” exercised gender violence against his partner. He has also denied that the day before the acid attack he had threatened to kill her or told her that he was going to destroy her face or ruin her life, although he did acknowledge that they met in Cártama and that she did not want to talk to him.

‘El Melillero’ has also not recognized as true that, as the Prosecutor’s Office maintains, he had watched or harassed his ex-girlfriend as part of a preconceived plan before carrying out the attack. According to her, both she and her friend knew that he had placed geolocation beacons in his cars because, according to her version, the person who was his romantic partner received threats from people linked to drug trafficking. Regarding the threats, she indicated that “He may have threatened her, but not to kill her because there was never that intention,” after which he once again stressed that everything was going to be “a scare for her to agree to talk” with him, without her being able to imagine that everything was going to happen. to end like this.” In this sense, ‘El Melillero’ has stated that it is a lie that he was obsessed with her ex-girlfriend, but that he did want to talk to her “to clarify things about the relationship.”

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