Valdecilla doctor Ricardo Blanco wins the national leadership award in Rheumatology

Ana Rosa Garcia

Monday, November 13, 2023, 9:30 p.m.

Ricardo Blanco, head of the Valdecilla Rheumatology service, has been recognized with the award for reputational leadership in his specialty, awarded by the Health Responsibility Monitor of reference in Spain and Latin America and the Health Observatory (OdS), in its first edition . An award that he collected this Monday at a ceremony in Madrid and that values ​​the clinical and research effort of professionals from 28 different specialties. Blanco, who is a senior researcher in the Idival Epidemiology, Genetics and Arterioscleroris Research Group in Systemic Inflammatory Diseases, is thus distinguished as the best rheumatologist in the country, according to the vote of more than 4,000 doctors. “It is great news for Valdecilla and for the entire healthcare and scientific society of our hospital,” says the manager, Dolores Acón.

The Rheumatology service, accredited as a national reference center (CSUR) in systemic autoimmune diseases, is also among the candidates for the Best in Class (BIC) award. In this case, Valdecilla has reached the final of these awards with 17 nominations, including best hospital. The team led by Blanco will have the opportunity to revalidate the victory it achieved last year, when it won the title for the best Rheumatology service in Spain. The result will be known on Tuesday, November 21 at the gala to be held at the Hospital La Fe (Valencia).

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