Colindres hosts an exhibition on critical points of biodiversity

Ana Bringas

Tuesday, April 2, 2024, 18:10

Abrazo House, a non-profit association committed to environmental education and located in Voto, is one of the entities participating in the Illustrated Biodiversity project, developed under the European Erasmus Plus call together with other partners from Iceland and Portugal. With “great enthusiasm”, as the group emphasizes, they have been part of this program that, a few months after completion, has published a book titled ‘Carrying the seeds of Life: the 36 Critical points of Biodiversity and the future of life on Earth’. The copy is illustrated with original drawings by renowned artists from eight different countries, which make up the exhibition that will be presented in Colindres and Santoña during the month of April, in collaboration with the Departments of Environment and Education of their respective municipalities. Specifically, the exhibition will be present at the Colindres Culture House from April 2 to 15 and at the Santoña Marismas Interpretation Center from April 16 to 30.

The work aims to raise awareness about the biodiversity crisis and raise awareness to make people act on its conservation. As they explain, the book “is a unique fusion of ecology with narrative and art”, and its plot follows the story of Cahya, a young healer who needs to find a remedy for the ‘blindfold’ disease, which is taking her to people to destroy the forest where they live. Guided by the endangered species she encounters along the way, Cahya must collect a seed from each of the 36 ‘hotspots’ while she learns about biodiversity and conservation.


The 36 ‘hotspots’ or critical points of biodiversity are the places where the diversity of life on Earth is in greatest danger, and this work precisely affects them, which aims to make them known and highlight their conservation needs. For its part, the Bosques de Cantabria Cultural Association has collaborated with Abrazo House in the organization and dissemination of these exhibitions, which will present to the general public a problem that is a concern shared by both associations.

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