Several arrested in A Coruña and Pontevedra in relation to the narco-submarine in the Arousa estuary

A broad operational deployment coordinated by the Udyco Central of the National Police Corps served to arrest those allegedly responsible for the introduction into the Rías Baixas of an undetermined amount of cocaine inside the largest transoceanic narco-submarine ever seized, the Poseidon, located in the waters of the Arousa estuary a little over a year ago. During that time, the Greco Galicia section of the aforementioned Udyco followed in the footsteps of the people who They had used the boats that appeared at different points, among others, in Ribeira, shortly before the discovery of the semi-submersible. The result, the fall of several of those people who were allegedly hired for transportation, of which at least three have a common element: their relationship with José Ramón Prado Bugallo, Sito Miñanco. The Deputy Directorate of Customs Surveillance (DAVA) participated jointly with the Police throughout the entire investigation.

In fact, two of Miñanco’s most trusted individuals managed to evade police action, and would be two of the main people investigated in this matter. With background, one of them He already escaped during Operation Mito, the last big blow to the Cambados boss, while the second, Francisco Javier PR, is prosecuted and awaiting trial in the same case at the National Court. Additionally, they were identified Colombian citizens who were in Galicia to supervise the reception of the drug. However, one of them is in South America and the second recently died in Madrid.

Registration for this Tuesday / Narcodiary

This Tuesday’s raid took place in half a dozen judicial districts, with interventions in Ribeira, Noia, Caldas, A Estrada, Cambados and Vilanova de Arousa, among other locations. Agents from different police stations were deployed to the homes of those investigated, arriving early in the morning to surprise each of the objectives that were on the agenda of the police operation. Thus, UIP specialists (anti-riot) were deployed to ensure each of the movements of the drug police of the Pontevedra Comisariat, from whose offices the bulk of the investigation was carried out. Canine guides from A Coruña completed the operation.

In addition to the homes, plots, sheds and garages were searched, in which several boatsengines and electronic devices of great interest to Udyco Central, which intended with the operation to link those investigated with the drug boats that went out in search of cocaine from the semi-submersible.

Transfer of one of the molds / Narcodiary

Particularly notable findings were of the molds for the manufacture of narco-boats located in the O Salnés region. One of them, cut in the stern area, would have been used to build boats capable of mounting five outboard motors, as it had a much larger beam than usual. The second would be the classic, about twelve meters long by three meters wide, which also appeared accompanied by a fuel tank with capacity for about 3,000 liters.

Based on the seized material and the interrogation of the detainees, the National Police and the Deputy Directorate of Customs Surveillance (DAVA), which participated jointly with the Police throughout the entire investigation, will seek to connect all the dots to link the suspects with the Poseidon, as well as to locate two of the suspects, both police related to Sito Miñanco, who for the moment have not been able to be arrested.

One of the records / Narcodiary

Specialized personnel with large tonnage cranes removed the Vilanova de Arousa the two molds with which, supposedly, high-speed boats were manufactured that were later used in Galicia to collect large quantities of cocaine. In the absence of confirmation by the investigation, it is suspected that it was from there that the narco-boats that ended up appearing on the beaches of Espiñeiredo and O Vilar, both in the municipality of Ribeira, departed days before the appearance of the narco-submarine in Vilaxoan.

Entrance to the plot where the molds were found / Narcodiary

To understand what happened yesterday in different towns of O Salnés and A Barbanza, in addition to A Estrada, we must go back a year in time, to mid-February 2023. It was then when the State Security Forces and Corps and Customs Surveillance
They established a broad device that included a plane and that had the support of Portugal. They were sure that a narco-submarine was appearing in the Galician estuaries with the intention of looting, something that it finally managed to do far from police reach a few days later. On those dates, several drug boats appeared, up to four, the two mentioned in Ribeira and another further north, and two people were helped by Maritime Rescue in a situation that was at least suspicious. They were trying to approach the semi-submersible, which was carrying a huge load, which aroused the interest of large organizations of boatmen. Finally, in March, the ‘Poseidon’ appeared in the middle of the Arousa estuary, in front of the Vilaxoán dock, from where it was hoisted and towed to O Grove for its subsequent transfer to a secret place. Yesterday’s police deployment arose from the subsequent investigations.

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