Ampuero restarts the project to build a soccer field in the Tabernilla neighborhood

The Municipal Corporation of Ampuero unanimously approved in the ordinary plenary session held this Tuesday afternoon to restart the declaration of public interest file that plans new sports facilities in the Tabernilla neighborhood. The measure has been approved after the previous procedure developed for this same purpose expired. The reason, as detailed by the opposition leader, Víctor Gutiérrez (PSOE), is the “inaction” of the PP-PRC government team, which “has not done anything in these months and has let the file die by not answering the allegations presented.

It was the socialists who launched the project to install a new soccer field in Tabernilla in the last term, when they governed in Ampuero. At that time, the file went ahead with his support and that of Alternativa Española. For its part, the current Government team, which then occupied the opposition bench, voted against the same proposal that it approved yesterday.

Thus, Gutiérrez showed in the plenary session his “surprise” at the change of opinion of regionalists and popularists, who explained, in the words of the PRC spokesperson, Jesús Manuel Díez, that “this is not the best solution, but it opens the door to build a temporary soccer field. Furthermore, Díez pointed out the shortcomings of the PSOE project, among which he highlighted “the limited space or access problems”, which make the location “possibly the worst option.”

Even so, they voted in favor of the proposal, which they justified by indicating that “they have found a hot potato and the approval is a patch,” although they assure that they continue looking for alternatives with those responsible for the Regional Commission for Territorial Planning and Urban Planning ( CROTU) and the Department of Sports.

The mayor of Ampuero, Amaya Fernández (PP), pointed out that it is a two-decade-old problem and that this is a way to “continue moving forward.” Likewise, she stressed that, during the last legislature, the PSOE “did nothing until three months before the elections”, when they ordered a basic project to be drawn up in which they invested 40,000 euros.

Fernández’s statements irritated the PSOE spokesperson, who went on to star in one of the most tense moments of the session when he stated that “his party votes the same in the Government as in the opposition” and received the response from his counterpart in the PRC. , who accused him of playing “cheap politics and seeking confrontation” on this issue. “It’s not worth it if we approve his project, he wants us to drop our pants,” Díez reproached him.

Restoration of the Ason

This Tuesday’s plenary session also served to learn that the Agatein company, in charge of drafting the Asón river restoration project, is correcting some details of the document by prescription of the Cantabrian Hydrographic Confederation, which they will present “next week at the latest.” », as the councilor clarified.

At this point, the deputy mayor and spokesperson for the PRC, stated that the City Council faces a problem with this project, valued at 3.3 million euros, given that this subsidy only contemplates the restoration of the river and not the works to prevent floods. Thus, he explained that now the Biodiversity Foundation and the Government of Cantabria “are discussing who pays what” to solve the floods.

Other issues that were discussed at the request of the socialists were the non-compliance with the garbage contract, about which the government team indicated that “there is a big problem” that will be solved by redrafting the contract and putting the service out to tender in September; and the request to install surveillance cameras at the entrances and exits of the municipality to alleviate crime. The PP-PRC coalition responded by saying that they are already working on this action, which would cost more than 15,000 euros, to establish six surveillance points.

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